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The Beads of Splendor Story

Armed with a business and behavioral management degree, Diana Thatcher – Splendor's founder and owner – enjoyed many successful years in commercial real estate. Reaching the age of 40, she felt drawn to nurture her inner artist and began researching alternative business ventures.

Gardening as a therapeutic outlet naturally led her to love garden art and ornamentation. In 1995, after 18 months of research, she capitalized on the lack of such garden art in the Dallas area and opened her first retail shop, Splendor In The Grass. Located across from the Dallas Arboretum’s Public Gardens, for nine years, Splendor offered garden art, stained glass art, fountains, wind ornaments and statuary to the metroplex area.

As the gardening trend began to wane, Splendor relocated to Lakewood Shopping Center re-conceptualized as a gift gallery. Now in the upscale neighborhood of Lakewood, Splendor still offered garden art with an added focus on finished jewelry, inspirational items, hanging art glass, fragrance, gifts & cards.

Within a couple of years, the jewelry business had grown substantially and Diana begun buying strands of semi-precious beads to make into custom necklaces, bracelets, & ear rings for her customers. She was hooked. "…what fun it is to touch and feel all those wonderful stones – wish I could sell beads…” she mentioned to her brother one day. His reply: “Why don’t you buy some strands, hang them up, and see if they sell?"

That was several years ago, and Diana has bought and sold more strands than she ever imagined. In the summer of 2006, the Lakewood store was once again remodeled and re-conceptualized, focusing on its growing bead boutique aspect.

Now known as Beads of Splendor, we have over 10,000 strands of semi-precious beads waiting for you to touch and feel. Several times a year Diana and her team travel across country hand selecting a treasure trove of uniquely beautiful gems and jewels, so there is always something new waiting to inspire you. We also have brought some of Dallas' best jewelry designers together, offering classes for beginners and advanced alike.

Splendor is locally known as "The Place to buy sterling silver artisan earrings", and still offers a gorgeous selection of "one of a kind" finished bracelets and necklaces.

Come in and be inspired by the beauty that is Beads of Splendor!