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Silk Knotting w/ Pearls @ Beads of Splendor
Sep 4 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

If you've been in Splendor lately, you may have noticed that we LOVE silk knotting!  The jewelry stays lightweight, feels delicate, moves with you, and is just all-around beautiful!

Here is your chance to learn how it's done, or refresh your memory if it's been awhile.

Learn the art of traditional silk knotting as you start and finish a simple freshwater pearl bracelet in class.


*Beginners Welcome
*All materials + tools provided

Cost $40


Mala Necklace @ Beads of Splendor
Sep 5 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Mala necklace black

Malas have been used as a meditation aid since at least the 10th century.

If you practice meditation and yoga, a mala can be a powerful tool in your quest for wellness and clearer understanding…

They also double as stylish jewelry and can be made to suit any style!

* Intermediate Silk Knotting class

* Materials to bring/buy:  108 x 6, 8, or 10 mm beads, (the larger the beads, the longer the mala), silk that is the correct size to knot the beads you've chosen, guru/focal bead (your silk must fit through this bead twice), tassel or materials to make tassel (silk, suede, embroidery floss, etc).

Tree of Life @ Beads of Splendor
Sep 6 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Tree of Life

Wire + beads come together to create a fun statement pendant (or sun-catcher for your window). 

*Intermediate wire working class – some experience w/ wire required

*Tools provided for class use

*Students to bring or buy the following materials:

16, 18, or 20 guage wire (for frame)

22, 24, or 26 guage wire (for tree)

smaller beads (2mm – 4mm) that fit on your smaller wire (for tree)

Wine + Gems Edition: Silk Knotting w/ Gemstones @ Beads of Splendor
Sep 6 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis next step in Silk Knotting.  You will learn how to knot gemstones with a new twist for a professional look. 

We also refer to this technique as "knotting without clamshells"

This in an intermediate knotting class – please have already taken the "silk knotting with pearls" class.

Students to bring or buy materials:  see below


Students to bring or buy:

1-2 strands of beads

1 card of silk that fits your beads

2 Roundells/End beads – appropriate to size of beads

2 closed jumprings – appropriate to size of beads

1 clasp – any style you prefer

open jumprings to attach clasp (unless you use use an S-Hook clasp)

Everyday is Beautiful Necklace @ Beads of Splendor
Sep 7 @ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Everyday is beautiful knotted leather necklace

Create joy and beauty in your every day when you wear your new favorite necklace!

Put your wire-wrapping skill to practice as you wrap beads that will hang from this lightweight, leather necklace.

Intermediate Level – Prerequisite: beginning earrings or basic wire-wrapping skills

Students to bring or buy materials. See list below. Tools provided for class use.

Sugested supply list:

Spool of leather – .5mm preferred, but up to 1.5mm will work too

Beads – can be a mix of different colors, shapes, and sizes.  They can be briolettes if you know how to wrap them.

Adding a charm, pendant, or focal bead can be fun too!

Headpins/Wire – to wrap your beads

Cord end clasp – in matching metal to your wire/headpins.  Needs to be large enough to accomodate however many pieces of leather you'd like to use in your necklace. We will have these available to buy in the shop on class day.



Basic Wire Wrapping @ Beads of Splendor
Sep 9 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Basic Wire Wrapping

Wire is one of the greatest jewelry making materials!  It can be friend or foe… so don't let it keep you from bringing your creative visions to life – come take a class on the basics.

This is our foundation wire-working class. The goal is to learn the wire-wrapped-loop that is used to make earrings, gem chain, charms, dangles, connectors, and so much more.

*Everyone welcome – no experience required.

*All tools and materials provided for use in class.  Students leave with a pair of wire wrapped earrings.